PJ Day at Holy Rosary

By McIvor Times

By: Tanya Brnjak
Each year at the end of Term 2, students, Teachers and Staff arrive at school in their PJ’s. 
It is a fun way to wind down the end of term and especially important for the students to feel special, after the full-on year so far due to COVID-19. 
PJ day is a great way to raise money as every gold coin donation received from students, teachers and staff goes to St.Vinnies, to help raise money for the less fortunate to help with basic needs, such as food, shelter and clothing.  
Towards the end of the day, students watch a movie which is related to the enquiry which was learnt throughout Term 2. 
Students and Parents have both adapted extremely well with returning to school, after being home-schooled for an extended period of time, and PJ day reflects the hard work which students have done over Term 2. 
Vince, the Deputy Principal, “Having PJ day and having a donation towards a charity, it gives the students a sense of contributing to the community.”
Max, who is in Grade 3, “wearing PJ’s to school is fun, we help raise money for people who are in need and celebrate the last day of term.”
Xavier, a Grade 5 student, “PJ’s is more comfortable than the school uniform and watching a movie related to our enquiry is great.” 
Olivia, who is in Grade 6, “It is fun to see all the teachers and students wearing PJ’s, it’s comfortable and gives us freedom.”
The movie which some students were watching was “Paddington 2,” as the enquiry learnt was about how things grow and being Refugee Week, and the movie is linked to both these things.