Adorable dingo pups join the Kyabram Fauna Park pack

By Vanessa Wiltshire

WITH their little wet noses and dark glittering eyes, two nine-week old Alpine dingo pups have bounded into the fold at Kyabram Fauna Park.

The park is home to more than 600 native Australian animals, and general manager Lachlan Gordon said the pair were settling in exceptionally well.

"The pups, a boy and a girl, arrived at the fauna park two weeks ago,” he said.

"They're super playful and ridiculously adorable. We secured them through a partnership and breeding program with the Australian Dingo Foundation."

Puppy A and Puppy B will be named through a public competition. They are currently undergoing intensive socialisation, with visits from the public encouraged.

"Dingoes are one of the most misunderstood mammals in Australia,” Mr Gordon said.

"They are highly intelligent, more so than dogs. They play an incredibly important role in balancing the natural ecosystem — they are vital to our environment,” he said.

As they grow, the dingoes will be part of an education program, to help debunk some of the myths that surround the species.

From November 3, visitors will be able to get up close and personal with the furry friends, to further assist development and socialisation.

"It's all about giving them positive experiences,” Mr Gordon said.

Visitors can see the pups in their newly upgraded dingo exhibit, which was built with support from Stanhope and District Men’s Shed, and local volunteers Phil, Jack, Ian, Don and Phil.

The team from Cantech Engineering, Kyabram also donated their time to put iron-cladding on the dingo dens for additional weather-proofing and to ensure the animals feel safe when resting.

"“Overall we are thrilled to welcome the pups to the park,” Mr Gordon said.

"We're undergoing a bit of a renaissance; there's been lots of growth and positive things happening here".

Paid dingo pup encounters are at 10:45am and 2pm daily, where people can spend time playing with and patting the cubs while learning about dingo behaviour.

Dingo Puppy Encounters cost $30 per person for 20 minutes, with all funds raised used to make improvements at the park, which is a not-for-profit facility.