Letter to the editor

February 08, 2018

Dementia village still subject to feasibility study

I WRITE regarding the headline on last week’s front page, Dementia village is safe as houses (Wednesday January 31).

There has been some concern raised that the headline implies the development of a dementia village in Heathcote will automatically proceed, without taking into account the findings of a feasibility study, which is about to get underway.

The Heathcote Dementia Village Steering Committee is confident its plans to develop a dementia village will be confirmed through the feasibility study; however, the study may also present a range of other options that the committee is also open to considering.

The report accompanying the headline focused on a Flinders University study revealing the high costs associated with health and residential care for a person living with dementia.

Our belief is the study’s findings strengthen our case for the proposed dementia village, which would develop models of care that meet consumer needs and are cost effective.

But there are many steps to come and more information to be gathered.

Dan Douglass

- Chief Executive Officer, Heathcote Health

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