Break-in at Axedale Tavern

January 24, 2018

THIEVES smashed their way into the Axedale Tavern on Monday morning, leaving behind a path of destruction and getting away with charity tins.

At 3.03am the two thugs walked up to the back door of the Tavern but then backed away. Then at 3.24am they broke through the door and into the pub and made their way behind the bar.

The thieves stole charity tins with cash that was due to be put toward the Niemann-Pick Disease Foundation and the Soldier On Foundation.

Money that had been raised for the upcoming Axedale Quickshear and a single bottle of alcohol were also taken.

Publican Gary Van Wynen said he found it sad that the two perpetrators felt the need to steal from the charities.

“There are just no words for people like his - I think it wouldn’t bother me as much if they just stole from me because I can replace these things – it might take a while but I could do it,” Mr Van Wynen said.

“But to then go and steal from the charity tins just shows how low-life they are.

“The people they are stealing from need this money and deserve this money and then for them to come in and take it just angers me.”

Mr Van Wynen said the damage to the door was mostly on the hinges and didn’t take too long to fix.

“We have fixed the doors already and the damage to the money tills shouldn’t be too hard to fix either so we are alright.”

The two offenders have not been identified yet and police are urging anyone with information to come forward.

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