Discharge of stored water to Wappentake Creek

October 06, 2016
Mandalay Resources has advised local landholders of a planned water discharge into Wappentake Creek due to recent heavy rains in the Costerfield area.

Sustainability manager Adam Place said the Splitters Creek Storage Dam had collected 40 ML in rainwater since 1 August which now needs to be released to maintain permitted levels in the storage dam.
“We have a long term water storage model in place but like many operators across Victoria we couldn’t predict this record rainfall, so we now need to transfer stored water back into the
“When we release water we make sure the flows are carefully managed and we also take samples of the discharge and downstream water before, during and after the release to ensure every EPA requirement is met. We are also altering our mine operations including postponing some drilling so more water is not being added to the storage at this time.”
Mr Place said the controlled discharge would take place over about five days, following consultation with the catchment management authority and EPA. The mix of groundwater and rainwater will be incorporated into the already strongly flowing creek at a rate to maintain safe and manageable flows and reduce any risk of land inundation.

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